Enjoying Bali After Diving - A
Bali Rafting .. part 1

Outside diving, you will be attending the most sports in Bali are rafting.
Every day, about 100 people have been involved, as memories of the best holiday in Bali.

Bali Inter Dive charged to customers
Normal Price US$ 65 <US$ 40 Special Discounts>

<Bali Rafting company is a sister company Bali Inter Dive>

Complimentary shuttle to the hotel following a stay in district

There are twice a day, morning and afternoon
<You can reservation at the morning activity per one person>

Hotel Area Morning Pick up time
Afternoon pick up time
Nusa Dua / Jimbaran / Benoa
About AM 7:30~7:45 About AM 10:30~10:45
Kuta / Se,inyak / Kerobokan
About AM 8:00~8:15 About AM 11:00~11:15
Sanur / Tohpati About AM 8:30~8:45 About AM 11:30~11:45
Ubud / Candidasa About AM 9:00~8:15 About PM 12:00~12:15

The End activity of the morning (Kuta) about 15:30pm / end time of the last activity (Kuta) about 16:30pm.

Front office at High-level of river

You can pay your activity here

US$, Yen, AS$, Credit Card
 (AMEX, VISA & MASTER)> is Available

Guide description

Explanation of rafting through three languages

Some instruction on the rafting, such as:
<Paddle forward, backward paddle, stop, etc.>

Our reliable professional guide

Including instructor guides,
Almost three to five years experience

<We do International standards guiding>

Bali Rafting trails only

Landscape and rice terrace overlooking
the valley, I felt like a dream,
heard the sound of rippling water in the river

<Refreshing through the forest>

After explaining the practice,
then we start rafting activity

In one boat there are 4-5 people,
we all move forward together and have fun.

<For safety Helmets and life jackets must be used>


Contact, reservation

<Click the following address, you can contact us>
TEL :  +(62)361) 763380

For these rates, due to inflation, subject to change without notice. Please acknowledge.



TEL : +(62-361) 763380
FAX : +(62-361) 758789

Bali Raftimg
As for inquiry reservation

The below-mentioned mail address with click,
Directly, we can inquire