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The underwater Observation Diving
part - 1

The best part of diving in Bali
Our wide variety of rare species of fish that can be encountered large and small! !

Ocean sunfish

This photo is 2.5 meters in size
Total of five animals were still at the same time.

<Diving Point in Bali >
Nusa Penida / Lembongan

located beneath southeast Bali island , Among diving Bali
Etc. large fish transparency closeness is diving areas most popular.

Located just below the south-east of Bali, is also a diving spot in Bali
Transparency and proximity to large fish is the most popular diving area.

Fish Anemone Supainchiku

And changes from male to female, bright red
Will change from red to black.

<Diving Point in Bali >
outside Area of wreck at Tulamben

Located at west of Bali, and even diving in Bali
School for underwater photography is the most popular diving area.

Shark Jinbe

Heartthrob of a diver, 5 ~ 6m health
But it is a child. Plankton food

<Diving Point in Bali >
Nusa Penida

Located just below the south-east of Bali, is also a diving spot in Bali
@Transparency and proximity to large fish isthe most popular diving area.

Akebono goby

Inhabited also 7 fish uncommon 1 square meter.
The shades have a clean, very greedy..

<Diving Point in Bali >
Menjangan Island

Seosang located in Bali, Diving in Bali,
Drop Of small fish Gadenirupointo also famous.

Gobbi Gold Metallic

Race is very high gold and deep brown
They just go into the hole rather sensitive.

<Diving Point in Bali>>

Located west of Bali, and even diving in Bali
There are wrecks, fish, dark shadows, is a popular diving area.

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