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About Dive Point in Bali - Part 1

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About Bali Inter Dive

Introduce Bali inter dive that is the largest-class dive center in Bali Island.

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<Commemorative photo with the participants>

Diving in Bali friends and enjoy the great day!!!

Nusa Dua and Sanur  Corals

Boat diving
It takes about 25(twenty five) minutes by carfrom Kuta area and then 5(five) until 10(ten) minutes
by boat. <for Introductory diving, beginner or intermediated divers>

<Diving Features>
There are white sand and many branch corals and table corals. You can see colourful Butterfly fish,
Basslets and so on.

Padangbai  Corals

 Boat diving
 It takes about 1(one) hour and 15(fifteen) minutes from Kuta area and then about 10(ten)
 minutes by boat.
<for Introductory diving, Beginners and intermediate divers>

 <Diving Features>
 There are white sand and many branch corals. You have a chance to see
 Butterfly fish, Blue ribbon eel, a group of basslet,
squid, and sea turtles.
Boat or Shore Diving

Tepekong & Min Pan  Drop off, underwater caves, Shark point
Boat diving 
It takes about 1(one) and 15(fifteen) minutes by car from Kuta and then 45(forty five) minutes from
Padangbai by boat. <for Advanced divers>

<Diving Features>
There is a dive site to see Sharks (You can see them almost 100 percents). We often see big fish
like Tuna and Sunfish in dry season. Here is a very dynamic dive site for advanced divers.

.Amed Sand, drop off

 Boat diving or Beach diving
 <Diving Features>
 There are White sand, Table corals and Branch corals. We can see Butterfly fish, some kinds of Anemone fish,
 a schoolof Basslets, a school of Batfish, seahorses, squid,
 a school of 1(one) meter class Wrasses and Napoleon wrasse. If you are lucky, you can see dolphins

Tulamben  Ship Wreck/ Shore Diving

 It takes about 2(two) and half hours from
 Kuta area to dive site.<for Introductory diving,  
 Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
 divers>This is a very popullar dive site like
 Nusa Penida/Lembongan Is. in Bali and
 many divers come here to dive.

 Beach diving
<for Introductory diving, Beginners,
 intermediate divers and Advancsd divers>

<Diving Features>
Liberty American merchant ship sunk Issue 100 meter. Kinds of fish that live most of
the world. Faction camera enthusiasts, especially the macro point. Thisis a great
dream. Feeding can also. Black Sand, Butterfly fish flock, herd HanDai, double-lined
fusilier flock, herd Umeiromodoki, hordes of bigeye kingfish, Hirenaganejirinbou, Metarikkugorudogobi, Kobudai 1 meter, Napoleon, barracuda, etc., even if lucky
Jinbe meeting.
It takes about 2(two) and half hours by car from Kuta area and we don`t take boat.
It is about 70(seventy) kilometers distance to North-East.
More than 90(ninety) persents diver would like to dive here.Here is a ship wreck.
This dive site is very famouse in the world because you can see many kinds of fish.
Here is very suitable for divers who like to see tiny fish and underwater cameraman


This high-light is the American merchant ship of 100 meter class (liberty class),
feeding various fish and a group of Horse eye jack.

We can see Bridled anemonefish clownfish, Butterfly fish, Basslets, Angelfishes, Fusiliers, Shrimp gobies, Crab-eye goby, Mandarin fish, a group of Blue-striped snappers, Great barracuda and Napoleon here.
We have a several time in a year to see Whale shark.

Kubu Drop Off

 Beach diving
 About 2 hours and 30 minutes drive from Kuta area to diving point.
 Class diving: experience, beginner, intermediate, advanced>
 Otherworldly terrain, such as a large jar of many sponges

 The camera is a great shoot.

 Butterfly of fish, Hanadai herd, flock lined fusilier, Umeiromodo A group of keys, one-meter Kobudai,
 Napoleon, barracuda and, if lucky you can also see Manta and Jinbe fish

Nusa Penida 
 In Bali, The other point about the height of transparency can not be compared

 There is also a large coral reef, more than anything else, most often encounter probability
 and big sunfish and manta
. Moreover, the end time PM3: 30 (more of your time,
 and may slow if available)
For fast and popularity as the best diving in Bali No. 1.

 <Regarding the water temperature is low at this point, we recomended to use
  a long wetsuit (Opt. rent : US $ 5)>

 Encounter rate is very high and the famous manta, manta point, to the west of the island,
  transparency is low and generally.

 <Regarding the water temperature is low at this point, we recomended to use
  a long wetsuit (Opt. rent :US $ 5)>

Manta Point

<Regarding the water temperature is low at this point, we recomended to use
 a long wetsuit (Opt. rent :US $ 5)>

Encounter rate is very high and the famous manta, manta point, to the west of the island, transparency is low and generally.

Crystal Point
 <Diving, beginner to intermediate to advanced> (drop, drift, sand, water cave)
 Dive style ⇒ boat diving
 From Kuta to Sanur area about 25 minutes by car. With a speed boat which is equipped with
 a toilet from Sanur to dive point about 30 minutes.

 End of our dives are usually at 3:30 pm (but sometimes can be more due to changing sea conditions
 change), If you have extra time after a dive, you can go shopping on the coast or enjoy a tour
 Marine sport. But if there is not enough time for something or another, then the above activities can
 we Disable. Please understanding

 <Diving Features>
 Point is very famous in the World is a sunfish and can find manta rays, known as one of the points.

 You can also see the colony of coral, white sand, coral table, Edasango, butterfly fish, sting ray
 spectrum, one meter Kobudai, Napoleon, tuna, and Rouninaji

 <Regarding the water temperature is low at this point, we recomended to use a long wetsuit
  (Opt. rent :US $ 5)>

MENJANGAN (Sand, drop)
 Dive Style ⇒ Beach or dive in the National Park

 deer inhabit.  The diving boat

 a small island with white sandy beach and excellent location. After about three hours by car
 from diving Kuta area, about 40 minutes by boat. Diving experience, beginner, intermediate,
 advanced. During the dive they are accustomed bat fish, or come along behind. Datehaze
 and many other types of Akebonohaze.

 <Diving Features> White Sand, butterfly fish, garden eel sight to see thousands of animals

Limited bar diving island, Bali's largest 5 star restaurant. Bali only, high-speed boat diving (boat) owners. Most shops in Bali License. Stores to implement the most NUSAPENIDA diving Bali Island
From Bali Inter Dive, We recommend it, to dive at this Point

Popularity No.1: <Nusa Penida / Lembongan Island> direction

Most popular point of diving in Bali, the other points I can not compare a high degree of transparency,
Coral reef, fish size and types of migratory fish (such as barracuda RONINAJI manta headfish Napoleon),
the most likely to encounter, and it is great.

The only exception is the famous encounter with high rates of manta, manta point,
to the west, the l
ow degree of transparency in general.


Popularity No.2: <Tulamben Point >
The Famous large Wreck (100m wreck class). Deep shadows of fish (and sometimes surrounded
by swarms of bigeye kingfish, I can not see the other side), is rich in small and large fish species,
some rare species of fish found in many places.
May encounter a few times a year in the Bay Jin

In particular, Nusa Penida/Lembongan island in the direction of the larger world sunfish
To encounter a manta, and a reputation as one of the most likely point.

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