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5 Star Dive Center & IDCenter
With the diving shop, 5 star recognition of superlative are acquired, it is the most superior store

< Including water sports, information requests and attention while traveling in Bali >

Please Always Prior travel for reference

Please Always Prior travel for reference

In the field may not be able to treat injury or illness, etc.,
In particular, can receive treatment for advanced.
Patients with emergency transportation services to Bali from abroad, marine sports, including diving,
failure to join an international travel insurance, we are strongly encouraged.

VISA and MASTER etc as special card There insurance overseas travel accident have attached,
We been incidental contents Many billed etc. prepay medical cost.

Overseas surgery for appendicitis and fractures common in personal injury, may be costly per million.
The transport expenses or major surgery, there may take several million, you will also occur if no treatment.

In order to travel abroad with confidence <I should have entered Oke> later than sorry
Make sure that you join the service in advance with insurance, we strongly recommend.

In order for you to enjoy the Bali island travelling,
it is information of the local up-to-date note to which is useful very much

About security Bali

Incident disorder is small extremely etc. Suri or snatching some countries
Where has occurred sometimes.

In Hinduism 95 percent approximately islanders,
they ethnic dislike controversy most even worldwide We pride.

Notes Bali

But tourism nation leading even within Southeast (Island)
and become that people many outside Bali We come to work.

Damage recent novel is frequently

Answer is questionnaire hotel and restaurant,
Winners will free transfers or trip of (car) are out prizes that.

We have the most experience in your hotel. I elected to all,
Due to the existing accommodation, but is hitting free voucher,
the winner can really useBecause Toganai.

Thus, free courtesy car will be choosing all the winners.
Took care arrange duration traveling courtesy car complimentary certainly
becomes real job their here.
Many restaurants and shops first commission,
entertainment (such as Kecak) to introduce a wide range of water sports,
take him.

Becoming fee multiply usual everywhere is certain.
Should if Tomenai watching up fees etc.
shops will compel Always commission shops
(to do a the Yon commissions threatens in etc go entanglement customers other stores).

Attractions overseas (Recently accrue many outside tourist) provides ones
of Dada back always (some fear caught incidents himself insidiously)

The damage which occurs frequently from the time before

The problem sometimes is point concentrated numerous damages day before
returnees tourists.
Unreasonably his return date tourists met damage think
avoid giving time intentionally give etc. damage report, because have act them.


Especially inside Vehicles (etc. boat car or whether that drivers,
even multiplied key car door) provides ginger in also important put valuables
away from body.
Most importantly is money non fee participating is not being
Bring unnecessarily.
Are travel diving and enjoyable restless from become spoil.


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Bali Inter Dive

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Dedicated high-speed boat dive boat owned WC.

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Jl. Raya Tuban No.15XY, Pertokoan Kuta Indah
Permai A-7, Kuta # 80361 Bali Indonesia

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